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Who am I


Communicator by profession, communicator for pleasure. I have been involved in the educational sector for almost 30 years, along with the organizational management and the use of digital technology in everyday life:  Jegcpublic Consulting.

Why I do this


I enjoy sharing my experiences, my tastes and my opinions. Over the years I have seen how the simplest things can help us improve our way of living: to learn to live in a digital world in which we have responsibility for what we do or don't, to train ourselves as digital citizens ; to understand the behavior of people, not to pretend to change others, but to learn to coexist in a world of perceptions in which communication becomes a skill that helps us to solve and advance in our relationships.


What can I do for you


I do not pretend to be a consultant under the scheme that we traditionally know, but a companion that gains your confidence through finding suitable solutions to your real needs: "Why have a Ferrari if you will use it to go to the store", someone might say. Well, certainly buying a Ferrari may not seek to satisfy at first a need for mobility, instead it might satisfy personal fulfillment or  imaging wellness, but also has that first function. The fact that it is a "good investment" will depend on how clear the owner has the reason for the purchase, and in any case maybe decide, even if he can afford a Ferrari, to buy a compact car.

"In the personal training or technology, the best is the one you need."
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